The Hunt

Arkansas Green Timber Duck HuntingBlack Dog offers a variety of waterfowl hunting which enables us to put our hunters under more birds. We keep our hunting parties at 4 hunters per guide. Todd is “top guide” and organizes all hunts. Our guides are professional, knowledgeable, and experienced.

The weather determines where we hunt. The wind, water conditions, temperature, and precipitation play a major role in our decision. Because the weather can change what type of hunting is best on a given day, we provide access to various hunting areas.

Duck Hunting
Reservoir, Flooded Field, and Timber Hunting
We hunt a variety of ducks in and around the Duck Hunting Capitol of the World. Our hunting areas are well-managed and maintained. Our reservoirs are farmed specifically for duck hunting. Crops of corn, milo, sunflowers, and millet are left unharvested and provide an excellent food source for the waterfowl season. Whether you are in a pit, sled blind, or lay-out, you’ll be experiencing waterfowl hunting at it’s finest.

Goose Hunting
Speckle-bellies (White Front), Snows, & Blues
During duck season we primarily hunt the Specks (over decoys) with great success and have opportunities to pass shoot snow geese on a regular basis.

Why Choose Black Dog?

At Black Dog we keep our hunting parties at 4 to 5 hunters per guide. This provides a more enjoyable hunting experience for all!

Black Dog is a well-established guide service with an excellent reputation. We have an experienced staff that will provide quality personal service. We have been operating since 1986 and can provide you with references who can explain why they choose Black Dog!

We take pride in the fact that we provide quality hunts on prime hunting grounds that are exclusively managed for waterfowl hunting. Our hunters are always given the opportunity to have a quality hunt. They can sit back, relax and enjoy our personal service or participate in the calling, decoy placement, etc. It is up to you!